Testimonials From Happy Clients



“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dan, he was very helpful, and in tune with what I wanted to achieve through this project. He worked incredibly hard to get my project to come together in a way that I was happy with.”

Gurpreet Dhesi: Rap vocals

“Very professional throughout the recording and mixing sessions. I asked for some changes after the mixing had been done, and Daniel emailed me amended tracks within hours. I was very happy with the end product, and will be using Daniel again in the future.”

Jack McNeill: McNeill Trio

“Daniel put the ensemble at ease and listened to our individual concerns. Always reassuring and tirelessly helpful when it came to listening back and checking over sections in the studio. We were very happy with the end result, recording live as a trio definitely has its challenges but Daniel was confident and attentive to our needs throughout the process, we plan to use Daniel’s skills on future recording projects”

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Tobie Carpenter: Jazz Quartet

“Working with Dan is a great experience. I always felt my requirements as a musician were prioritised, which is really important in a live studio recording situation. Dan was patient with our every request and made helpful suggestions when needed. I thought we struck a good balance between staying out of each others way on technical aspects, and communicating enough to get the results we both wanted. I’m really pleased with the results of our session!”

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